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Perform Better Conference 2019

We had such a great time learning and doing at the Perform Better Conference in South San Francisco. It is so important to continue to educate and inspire.

We learned all about Breath!

Our quality of our breathing is vital to quality of life. One of the speakers, Dana Santas discusses the impact of quality of breath: concentration, stress management, sleep, pain sensitivity, reaction time, life satisfaction/happiness and more.

Her biggest point was that our body already knows how to breath, but we need to practice optimal breathing. For example, while laying down, breath in for 5 seconds and exhale for 7 seconds. While doing this, make sure not to activate your shoulders or neck. After doing this exercise myself, I did not realize how shallow I was breathing.

In addition to this new outlook on breathing, try to apply it to your exercises. For example, when you are doing the work in any exercise, breath OUT. This way, all you have to worry about in the exercise is your breath, not your shoulders, neck or back. The body will activate all of the correct muscles, with the proper breathing technique. :)

Happy breathing my friends.

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