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Planks and DETOX

Happy February

Our NEW challenge: It is all about your CORE and keeping you strong. So, you know what is next. PLANKS and DETOX 5 x 1 minutes Planks On our WOTH days, we will compete the 5 minute planks during the workout; however on your off days, you have been summoned to the challenged. Tag someone else to the challenge in your world. What does a plank day look like? Throughout the day you can sprinkle a 1 minute plank or 2 and then ta-da... you have completed the challenge for the day. Get your work peeps in on the action. Get your family in on the action, including your 4 legged furry babies. I can't wait to hear about your posture success with these planks. Plank on my friends. AND...Detox What do you need to give your body a break from? Is it coffee, sweets, alcohol, unhealthy snacks, or negative thinking? I DARE you to choose one thing you need to help your body Detox from this month. Try to abstain from it for the rest of the month, but if you do, no worries, continue on.

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