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Summer Delights

To recap my month of travels, it could be summed up with pure delight!

Delights everywhere you look.

Some delights:

Kind people: in Germany a mother was walking about to walk down a staircase with her stroller and young child. A man helped bring her stroller down the stairs.

Family: major laughs about our shortcomings.

Friends: you can’t choose your family, but you can your friends. They feel like home.

Laughter: having uncontrollable laughter about the silliest of things.

And with that said, there were some non-delightful moments:

-Losing your Mom and daughter, while losing your patience.

-Driving for the first time in Italy where it feels like a video game and it is a free for all.

However, with the non-delights, they become a delight. For example, a good story. So there is that.

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